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The love of a pet, is a bond that is unbreakable, their unconditional love, their playfulness, their excitement, its truly a deep meaning full connection, and if your like me, a pet is more than just that “a pet” there a member of your family, that you truly love, and cherish upon, even with there little quirks, or mistakes, and this is what I want to help you cherish, memories, stories, the love, the bond that your pet brings to your word.

My pet photography sessions are uniquely designed around your pets individual temperament, I want to photograph and capture their natural character in a stress-free environment. All my sessions are individually planned, which will result in a set of bespoke, professional images for you and your pet to treasure for a lifetime.

Sessions can be shot at home, where your pet is comfortable (maybe they have a favourite chair or couch), or on location such as the beautiful city of Ely, with the magnificent Ely Cathedral as a perfect backdrop, whichever you choose, let me help you create beautiful professional images of your pets, and tell your story.

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